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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Tofu or Not Tofu, That is the Question

I'll be honest. I am not a total fan of the tofu. I try to like it, but it sort of reminds me of the pestering cousin that your mother made you sit next to at a family gathering...it is tolerable, just like that annoying cousin.

And, I am not sure why, but I think that there is too much of a molecular likeness to a pound of tofu and a pound of fat from my left thigh. Sometimes, when I want to put weight loss into a visual perspective, like if I lose five pounds, I envision five squares of tofu that are equal to that weight loss. Maybe I am not a total fan of tofu because it also feels funny upon touch. Sometimes I think that the tofu package should come with a pair of surgical gloves. Truth is, I've never liked touching meat or poultry, either. I guess it is a sensory thing.

I did find one place where I really liked tofu, and it was from the hot bar at a local health food store. They cut the tofu into these really attractive points. And they are breaded, and I thought baked. Their flavor was so good and dreamy. I thought one day, "Tofu, where have you been my entire life?" But then, one day, I read the ingredient listing and learned two things: They were battered with EGG and they were FRIED. This happened about four months ago. And since then, tofu and I have been divorced. It's okay though, because I do love beans, beans of any form, with the lovely Fava, being my favorite. I grew up eating Italian peasant food, and there was no greater meal than beans and greens. Oh, Nona, how I love thee.

However, I have found that tofu in the dessert form is palatable. Maybe it is the twist with sugar and say, chocolate. But, tofu, as a meal form, I will leave at the table along with that little cousin of mine.

The end point here has nothing to do with my feelings about tofu, but more like the real importance of reading labels. Had I never read that tofu label, I'd still be eating that fried tofu and convincing myself, "It's tofu, it has to be good for me!" So keep on reading labels, and sit at whatever table your Mom tells you to!


  1. Char, I am so enjoying this..as well as the inspiration and comraderie it provides. (not to mention you are a pretty entertaining and witty gal with the pen). I picked up E2 last spring after my husband was curious. WAlked that walk for several months. I am back eating plant strong and it just feels right. I am pulled to it. I think our bodies tell us what to do. Can we listen? Like drinking the kale water from the other nights supper...and Fu? well, we love it...it loves you too, just from a distance! ( I can share baking tips that gives us a Fu that is not jiggly) Thanks!

  2. I just posted my results from last week's immersion. This is amazing to me! How does your husband incorporate plant based into his daily 24? Thanks for your kind words. :-)

  3. My husband , the most authentin person I have ever known and I wouldn't want to change a hair on his head, is a real mans man. A hunter and Nascar enthusiast, yet something that intrigues when we met 7 years ago was a true interest in dietary effectys on health. So, he askes for a tofu night. He listens and makes sure he eats salads and whole grains when he is away from me. He is a water enthusiast and walks basically for a living. All good things. He usually has several meat free days throughout the week. So he is open to modification and I help him with suggestions and ideas. :-}

  4. This is good. Better to lay off the dairy totally...process, fat, etc.

    Try making the Mighty Muffins, they are great. Hope to see you soon. :-)

  5. I have been non dairy too, as well as able to pull off cooking with only a small measured amount of olive oil. wheat if at all is a la E2.
    Love the muffins...I have in my mind to do a orange cranberry version, which would work nice with sweet potato. I will let you know.

    This is an old wallk with new energy for me. My kids have fun with the fact that mom worked at a health food store at Pike Place Market in the 70's. I too had a significant birthday this past year and have vowed to honor myself in many ways..this is a major one.

  6. E2 is a NO OIL ZONE. Not even the spray stuff. The average spritz of PAM is supposed to be for 1/3 of a second; not the case. You can saute in vegetable juice (I juice carrots and use that). Start with NO DAIRY, then move to NO MEAT, and then NO OIL. I miss the flavor of olive oil, but have made some great dressings.Keep up the great job!

  7. Yes I have made some great dressing as well...so yummy! and using carrot juice does work great...funny how the dairy and meat become so unappealing.

  8. I posted a recipe for WALNUT DRESSING a few weeks ago...in the Vita-Mix, it comes out like VELVET. The further you move away from your former meat and dairy post, the LESS appealing they become. Be well.