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Sunday, March 21, 2010

It's All About Balance

This was day one into the real world--I am at work for the first time in a week. Glad to be here, but having trouble answering, "So, how was it?" Because the answer would take so much more than a simple "Great," or "Amazing." Like, I want to cram all five days into one full sentence, and I just can't.

Not only am I feeling "plant strong," I am feeling just plain strong. I want to fast forward my life and have it be September so I can see some real progress. But one thing I know is this, I have cleaned up my food selections really well. And, I hope I can sustain myself. I can't afford to take other's inventory, but it is hard to do when you are a people watcher like I am. At the airport, I saw participants and one was buying beer, and the other a frappachino...after their hands were sworn to plant based living "back at the ranch." In my liberal mind I tried to think, "Well, coffee and hops are plants." And really, all I really need to do is stay focused on me, myself, and I.

Later, I will post my recipe for vegan lasagna...and it was good. I think my grandparents, Maria and Luigi Montaruli would approve. Molto bene.

Enjoy the day and touch the sun!

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  1. Char-
    You are amazing. I can't even begin to tell you what an amazing experience the E2 Immersion was for me as well. Thank you for your blog and for being such an avid supporter of the plant-strong lifestyle.
    I'm here for you!