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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Plant Strong, Baby, Plant Strong!

Happy Saturday! Some of you have the luxery of sleeping in and running fun errands, I, on the other hand, am at work. That's not hard for me, though, because my work is my play. I'm taking a break and am at my desk sipping on a kale shake made with homemade almond milk. All of a sudden, I started laughing out loud...the thought that I, a former sweet tooth diva, would even have raw kale to her lips just had me laughing, first to myself, then, it became a loud howl. Someone stuck their head in my office and said, "Hey, what's so funny?" And, all I could say, was, "Plant Strong, Baby, Plant Strong!" A much easier answer.
I've been home a week from my Immersion, and the experience continues to unfold everyday. Mostly, it has calmed me down. My New York quickness is at a red light, and I have found myself more thoughtful in my responses to others. Something about pure foods in your system seem to soothe my soul, make me less critical, less to judge. Maybe because I am so busy cleaning and peeling vegetables. It is joyous to be me today. All I can say, is LIVE PLANT SAVVY.
Enjoy the day, wherever you are. As my Mom, Marie used to say, "Reach for the Stars."


  1. Thanks for that Char..I have found these these days to be a time to listen to the stillness, and be gentler with everything in my life. And this is indeed coupled with being Plant Strong and aware. Mighty Muffins in the oven...I have added orange zest cranberry, shredded carrot...we will have then with beautiful bowls of strawberries and mangoes 10/$10 this week!!

  2. My triple orange( orange, carrot, sweet potato)cranberry mighty muffins were great!!

  3. These are the BEST! It's always great to see you at the store; LIVE PLANT SAVVY!