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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Leaving Tomorrow...The Flight to Reality

What a lovely week it has been. And I am sad to see this come to an end. But, excited and hopeful for all the newness in each tomorrow. I feel confident that my path is set in stone, and I will be able to traverse the road to plant based eating.

People, if you are feeling a little pudgy and believe you are eating right, let it be the fault of marketing and advertising, really.

Here are a few thoughts for you to ponder:

-Nuts are a good source of protein (you may as well drink oil, instead)

-Margarine is better for you than butter (a fat is a fat is a fat)

-There's no protein in vegetables (you'd be amazed)

-That "low-fat" whatever you are eating might be full of lies (low fat compared to what??)

-Never believe what you read in the front of the package--study the label, not just read it

-Bring back the family supper at the dinner table.

-Turn off the TV (a hard one for me and I don't even have cable!!)

Be kind to yourself, and show it to others.

E2 Immersion is more than I could have ever thought it would be. Amen, sistah! Because I am going to get preachy in a moment. So, I will just close. Love is in my heart. Plant Strong.

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