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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Simple Experiment...TV and a Hypothesis

So, this is what you need to do. Oh, but wait, let me tell you what is leading me to this experiment. I think we all know that an hour's TV show has an actual 43 minutes of air time. Two minutes are for the show's trailer, and fifteen are devoted to commercials. If you've ever noticed, the theme of commercials varies throughout the day to catch different target audiences. Case in point, is that you never see an ad for grease-cutting dish detergent or home tutoring during CSI. There are two things about TV that have a connection with food: A. Do not ever eat anything you see advertised on TV; and B. Do not eat in front of a TV.

So, your mission, if you so accept it (RIP Peter Graves), will be to get a pad or notebook, and during your favorite TV show. keep a log of each commercial. Your log topics are: Company; Theme; and Duration. At the end of the hour, highlight those spots that were about food. Now, ask yourself this: Would I ever eat anything that I have seen advertised on television? Did I miss the Kale Council's ad for "Eat More Kale?" As I pointed out earlier today, until about five years ago, I thought that kale, along with a cute little pineapple wedge, was a garnish on a daily special at a diner.

Foods advertised on TV are generally cosmetically altered foods that no one should be eating. Their low prices appeal to people. Couples in love are dancing to the beat of a love-drum (or tachycardia) as they walk hand in hand eating McDonald's. Is that what love has turned to? Your green grocer or favorite produce mart doesn't have the bucks to promote the special on organic Lacinto Kale, but if they could, that commercial would be upbeat, and people would be dancing in the streets, and Martha and the Vandellas would be blaring in the background. Cause kale always makes me feel like I want to dance!

Do your homework! Don't eat foods you see advertised on TV! I'm curious to hear from you and what your findings reveal!

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