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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

E2 Immersion Day One

It's hard, even for me, to put into words, the myriad of feelings that I have experienced today. Aside from all of the joy and peace, and lack of worrying, I am in a state of disbelief in realizing that I, Charlene Rose Nolan, born in Queens, NY, am here. I have realized through most of the day, that I am one of the very lucky ones, because at the age of sixty, I have escaped any gunshot wounds from the ills of obesity. I also realized today, that I am not a "big girl" but a "fat lady."

Looking at slides of blocked arteries that repaired themselves through planet-based eating, validated the last six months of my life and what I have been doing to be a better steward. Learning that sudden death is a symptom of heart disease was a clarifying moment for me. I was hoping to hear arteries opening in my system all day long.

The food is delicious. Rip E's entire family is here...his Mom, Ann, is one of the presenters and is teaching cooking classes. I love her. Jane, her daughter, has also been teaching cooking along with Ann, and they are like the Laverne and Shirley of plant-based cooking. They are perfect for those attendees who have never cooked this way before, and for me, they are the background voices of every recipe I have ever made since last September.

And, when you talk about brilliance, being in the same room with Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn has been amazing. To say he is brilliant is understated. He also has a crystal clear sense of humor. He either made me laugh from his humor, or cry from the reality of his lecture.

John Mackey was here today, as well. Always poised and eloquent. This was his brain child. I think he may have started a revolution. He is brilliant. I couldn't thank him enough. His ideals will refine every Whole Foods Market, and make our stores cleaner and void of any foods that don't belong on the shelves.

My first day here was heavenly. For those of you still eating "foods with a mother," really, go and buy ENGINE TWO, and just read it. Just read it. Then, put on your thinking cap. I am trying to think how I can get back home and not sound "too preachy" to those still eating "foods with eyes."

I got up at 4:00 AM today, just so that I could spend some time alone and reflect on whatever it is that is racing through my mind. I am proud to say that I am a "Plant Based Whole Foodie" and I hope this is something that anyone who reads this would think about doing.

Blessings to all.


  1. My name is Rob Steeno. I was also in attendance at the premier of the E2 Immersion program. I have to say that the week has been AMAZING!!! The lies and disinformation about food by our so called Experts in Washington has America on its knees. Rip and his wonderful family have demonstrated over and over again that a PLANT STRONG way of eating can and WILL help get everyone HEALTHY and feeling secure in the knowledge that for once in our lives we really have the POWER to change our Global circumstances based on a simple choice of a PLANT STRONG diet. THANKS to ALL of the staff and attendees for making the PREMIER E2 IMMERSION the START OF THE REVOLUTION!!!

  2. Hi Rob: How's your re-immersion been? I think the entire week was amazing. Everyone was such a great resource, for me, especially, Jeff Nowick, and Ann Esselstyn. I've been missing my special time at the Crossings, and have cherished every minute. We're all in this revolution together!

    Where do you work?

    Be well. Char :-)