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Friday, February 12, 2010

Valentine's Day

Seemed like a gooey, food filled kind of day as I watched shoppers fill their carts with lots of "foods from my past." The sweetness of Christmas did not even phase me, but for some reason, today, the caramel shaped hearts were looking for me. A pink, heart-shaped cheesecake passed me by, and I really thought I heard a whisper of my name. Food talks.

One year, several years ago, my husband gave me a heart shaped box filled with black licorice. Then, there was the year of heart shaped cookies. Valentine's Day seems to be a food holiday, but this year, I will be hoping for a piece of dichroic glass, and flowers. No food. Not a food zone. A just say no kind of event...no food. Maybe a heart-shaped piece of melon, or perhaps a dozen apples, nice and red, with a little extra shine.

A piece of 70% chocolate might be nice--but I am trying to stay away from sugar. So, no chocolate, either.

Maybe a nice cup of red chai tea with some almond milk will suit my fancy.

I am going to ignore the food cues I see. Looking forward to a nice piece of fruit and a dinner of organic veggies with San Marzano tomatoes.

My ears are plugged so that when some foods call me, I will not pay attention.

Tip of the Day: Think of healthy alternatives to your old food favorites. Bet you can be very creative, huh!

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  1. Thanks Char, hope you had a great Valentine's Day. Roses, card, no chocolate :o)
    Enjoyed your entries.