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Friday, February 26, 2010

Thoughts About Kirstie Ally...Made Me Feel Sad

I love Oprah, and frankly, don't know how I'll feel when she signs off next year. Her wide array of guests, coupled with her interviewing skills, make her the best of the best. Though I have never mentioned this to anyone, a part of me feels a kindred spirit to Oprah. It's the food/weight thing. I get Oprah's frustration. And I get Kirstie Ally's, too. She was a guest on Oprah yesterday.

Now, I live just outside of Philadelphia. It's a pretty grey place in the winter, and in the summer, its colors are dotted in splendor. So, I cannot really understand what it is like to live in a place like Hollywood where you are judged by your looks and your inner soul is defined by how much you weigh. The only open-toed sandals I own are my Birkenstocks.

As I listened to Kirstie, her desperation to be thin is her only goal. Will her "Organic Liaison" be the ticket required for her to live in the positive side of the wellness spectrum? I was hoping that she could look into herself and think about eating well and healthy. Adding a third of a cup of EVOO to a soup was pretty heavy-handed. She needs to fill her body with leafy greens, fresh fruits, and different sources of protein. Say goodbye to fats.

Now, don't think I am being too preachy, but I have traveled a rather circuitous route to get where I am today. I've just moved out of the "fat girls" section of the store. I'm not going to be buying the "Organic Liaison" kit, nor will I get the $20 water bottle...but, I will continue to prepare healthy, green, luscious fruits and vegetables.

I thought that Kirstie's obesity was a commercial for her next business venture, but I only wish her well. Compulsive eating is a disease of loneliness and isolation. I hope Kirstie knows that and that she finds the nutrients to help get it fixed.

Onto a great recipe.

Here' a recipe for "Kale Butter," an adaption from the E-2 Diet, with an Italian Flair...

8 ounces of Kale, cleaned and cut
4 cloves of garlic
pinch of sea salt
1/2 cup o raw walnuts

1. Steam kale and garlic;
2. Drain well;
3. Add pinch of salt

Throw in your food processor, add walnuts, and process until kale begins to look mushy. Add about two tablespoons of water. Continue to process.

This will turn out smooth as silk. Great on veggies, crackers or add to pasta.

Thought of the Day: Always say please and thank you to everyone, and make sure you always look people in the eye.

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