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Sunday, February 7, 2010

Think You Really L-O-V-E Cheese That Much?

A few weeks ago, someone said to me, "So, what is it that you miss most about being a vegan?" It took me a New York minute to blurt out, "Parmasano Reggiano and Locatelli Romano." When most kids were growing up on Velvetta, I was grating Locatelli for my Italian grandmother who would check our cheese eating status by saying to us, "Whistle." You see, you cannot whistle if your mouth if filled with cheese. When kids were eating American grilled cheese sandwiches, I was eating grilled cheese made from mozzarella on a roll. So, in my blood, there are big globs of cheese, because I really love hard, Italian cheeses. And that is what I miss most.

I can't decide if we really miss the food or is it the ritual and history that we really miss. Just like, I no longer drink coffee (and I loved the stuff), but what I miss most is grinding my beans and making a great cup of joe. I also miss the ritual of heading to Starbucks...I think we attach events to food and that becomes part of our eating fabric.

It's like, you go to a wedding, and after the discussion of what the bride wore, someone will say, "How was the food?" I guess our lives are earmarked by food.

What I would like to impart is that entering the sphere of Vegan-dom can be gradual. Get yourself a "day pass" in trying to be meat-free for one day a week. Then, graduate to two days, etc. And remember, write everything down and do not go to the "substitute" foods. I say this be/c your idea of pizza is well-etched in your mind...if you went to a soy based, organic vegan thing, it might put your taste buds in a tail spin.

Do what you know, and start out simple. There is one thing that prevents me from "going to the other side," and that is that I feel so incredibly well, that I do not want to surrender the wonderful physical and emotional well-being that I am enjoying. Really, we are what we eat.

What I know now at age 60 is that everything catches up with you. Enjoy your day.

Tip of the Day: Send an email or call an old friend. Check in with them. Let them know you love them.

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