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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

My Thoughts on the "Biggest Loser"

I really enjoy the "Biggest Loser(BL)." And, I have learned lots, especially from chefs like Curtis Stone. His "roll" of two Portobello Mushrooms (playing the role of the "roll") is pure creative genius, and it a filling way to make a vegan sandwich.

But, when I watch the BL, I am concerned about some of the foods that the contestants eat. Sliced cold-cuts laced with nitrates and preservatives on "make-believe" whole wheat bread? Sliced apples in a plastic bag with even more preservatives? And some kind of baked potato chip? These people need to cleanse their systems of the crap in ready-made, grab and go food and look to the earth for better food. Even the oatmeal they eat is instant and flavored. Have they ever made steel cut oats? They push the Quaker instant stuff...not really oatmeal in my opinion. I wondered what would happen it they were vegan for one week? Just one week.

Now I am cognizant of the fact that the commercial revenues from their sponsors help to pay the bills at NBC...and that's why they are eating hoagies, Jello(R), etc. Yea, I've seen them make a salad, but it has some kind of commercial salad dressing, when a freshly squeezed lemon might do the trick. It's the impact of TV...like the kid who gets his veggies in a serving of Ragu. Come on, America.

Imagine an episode of the BL that might be sponsored by a quinoa producer and Silk(R) soy milk. See, I can't decide if middle America is so far into the pit at Taco Bell (back in the day, they had a fire pit in the front of their stores) and that the BL brings subtle changes OR if something like a quinoa salad with pomegrantes might be just too strange.

I still love the BL, I try and re-create some of their training when I am at the gym. Like, I use the Bosu Ball, and although I am clumsy while standing on it, I pretend that Bob is cheering me on and that my core is getting stronger. And when I crank the bike up to 20 mph, in my head, Jillian is screaming in my face and calling me a "loser." And I pedal harder and finish getting in my 16 miles in one hour.

Because I also stay away from caffeine, I do not drink black tea. And I have found a great RED CHAI that tastes wonderful...nice to sip a cup of hot tea on a cold day like today.

Tip of the Day: If you make something delicious and vegan, make a little extra and take some to a friend who might be struggling with their emotions and managing food. And, of course, count your blessings.

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