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Friday, February 5, 2010

People Ask Me, "What Do You Eat?"

Easiest thing to answer with is, "Anything from the ground or a tree."

A few years ago I remember attending an event for a "Vegan Society," and an attendee wore a shirt that read, "The only thing that I eat with eyes is a potato." I thought to myself, is she for real?

Some vegans do not eat honey, be/c it comes from a live animal. Some use agave, a wonderful low glycemic sweetner from a cactus. Tastes great.

Today, I had steel cut oats for breakfast. For lunch, lentil stew, an orange, and red chai tea. For dinner I will have a big salad of fresh and organic greens, garnished with pomegrante and blood oranges...and very light on the oil. VERY LIGHT. And the squeeze of a big MEYER LEMON...my salad will taste divine.

One thing I do want to stress is that you need to be well informed. The books I mentioned in yesterday's blog are good tools to help develop new guidelines for yourself. This isn't a quick fix, but rather a permanent repair to otherwise unhealthy eating.

Oh, and let me say that POTATO CHIPS are vegan, but they are VERY processed. Avoid the processed foods...and lay off the colas. Diet ones, too. Water is so good. Give up your Mochachino from the fancy coffee places...do the right thing.

And more than anything, become a better label reader. That is your key. Tell me what you like to eat, I bet I can think of a healthy alternative.

Have a great day!

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