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Thursday, February 4, 2010

How I Started This Journey

Simple--life long dieter. Love great food. Sadness caused my weight gain. I went to a meeting in Rockville, MD and our regional president talked about his becoming a vegan. Something spoke to me. I work for Whole Foods Market. I should know better.

I bought three books:

Engine 2 Diet
My Crazy Vegan Life
Eat to Live

Read them all. Each had lots to tell. In September, a plant based diet was my new vista. Could I do it? I love cheese. Yogurt. Skyr. Dark Breads (I am also now gluten free). I have osteo-arthritis, and wheat is a flammatory; for me, not eating wheat keeps my joint pain at an all time low.

I lived through a monumental birthday, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year's, etc. as a VEGAN and it is EASY and I feel amazing.

Next month I will spend a week at a spa-resort in Austin, Texas to help along this journey, and I am grateful to my employer, Whole Foods Market, for sending me on this journey.

If you're thinking about becoming a vegan, take small steps. Eat as much organic food as you can. Eat foods that you like. Find new recipes. Do not look at this as a diet, but a better way to guide and live your life.

Since September, I have lost 40 pounds. I work out everyday (always have). For me, eating as a vegan has greatly improved my overall well-being.

TIP OF THE DAY: Keep an eating journal. Count your blessings.


  1. wow tr char!!!
    for us this vegan thing is just a trial type deal but if it is successful we can go from there this will be a great challenge for us because we love meat and cheese and butter and milk i dont know!! i hope we can do it

  2. You can do this; please do not look at this as a DIET. Do NOT look at this as self-deprivation. And, do not SUBSTITUTE "fake foods." I wish I could come to your house and cook something for you...fresh, healthy foods are the key. Listen, I am 60 years old and I take ZERO medications; it is be/c of how I eat. Look at your "quest" as a way to FEEL better about everything in your life. Miss you all. XO

  3. I'm SO PROUD and let me tell you something:

  4. I wish I had found The Engine 2 Diet long ago! But I am so very grateful for having attended an immersion to help me kick-start my new eating habits as well for as Engine 2 Extra. Love that there are so many like-minded, resourceful, plant-strong folks who are so willing to help support what I finally know is the healthy way to live. Thank you for being one of the amazing bunch, Char!