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Friday, February 19, 2010

Taking Good Care of Myself...

I have never been one to head to the doctor's on a regular basis. I do the "maintenance" thing with female related stuff, but generally, I feel well and healthy. And, I do think that my being a vegan has in itself, been a cure (for me) of whatever body ails I may have had.

One of the things for me is reading labels. This is key. My observation has been that lesser priced foods have additives, preservatives and LOADS of sugar. Sugar and fat...a lethal combo. I am sticking with foods that come from the ground. I am hoping to live to a ripe old age, medicine free and very active and mobile.

My dinner tonight was easy--made a spinach shake in almond milk--so good.

Folks, keep a light heart. Don't forget that the first journey begins after you've tied your shoes.

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