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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Annoucing a New Addition...

Charlene Rose Nolan is pleased to announce the latest addition to her household, the VitaMix 5200. It looks as though this blender can do almost anything, except vacuum and cook dinner. Well, actually, it can make a "raw" cooked soup.

The recipe book that comes with the blender has some rather toxic recipes in it, but I know the first thing to hit the blades will be a kale smoothie!


  1. oooo Char!!! I have nothing to say except I have a piggy bank I am going to rob!! Enjoy and keep us posted with ideas and recipes!!

  2. Hey Char! I am making the no-pasta vegetable lasagne from Eat for Health....looks great!

  3. I steamed collards and have used that as my "layers." Staying away from processed foods helps. Let me know how the recipe turned out. Come and see me, too!