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Friday, August 10, 2012

The Low Down on LoMein

Delicious Whole Wheat LoMein

So, I really like Chinese food.  But, nowadays, if I do eat Chinese out, it is limited to a bowl of steamed vegetables and brown rice.  Most Chinese restaurants seem to use lots of oil, not just for frying, but as an additive to any dish.

I've got a really easy solution for you that will make you think, "Why didn't I think of that?" because this is so good.  If I was Carla on "The Chew," I'd say "slap your mama good."

These are the ingredients that you will need:

Roland's Whole Wheat LoMein Noodles (available at conventional store, international section)
Low Sodium Tamari
PB2 Peanut Butter Powder (available at Whole Foods Market)
Garlic Powder
Frozen Broccoli
One Cup of Grated Carrots

Are you ready for the easiest thing in the world to make?

1.  Boil water.  Add one "bunch" of LoMein, and at the same time, add about two cups of frozen broccoli.  Let them cook together  until the LoMein are done.

2.  Drain well.  Add Tamari to taste, along with the garlic powder.  Add two tablespoons of the peanut butter powder,  Mix well.

3.  Put on a serving dish, garnish with grated carrots.  Good to go.  Serves three.

Bonus Info...

-No added fat.

-The Peanut Butter Powder has 85% less fat than if you were to use peanut butter.

-Is creamy and delicious.

Even if your family scowls at being a low-fat vegan, this will tickle their palates.

It's a reasonably priced dish to make, is perfect for leftovers (if you have any).  You can also use any kind of vegetable...artichoke hearts are great.  But, I am in love with broccoli, so what can I say?

This also takes about five minutes to make, so even if you are rushed for time, there is no reason to call the Lucky Panda for steamed veggies.

Enjoy your weekend.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Keeping Cool in the Summer

From Tuscany. 
And those Italians (my people) are so smart...
Clear bottle is for spring water.
Green bottle  is sparkling water (San Pellagrino)

It's easy to say that it has been awfully hot and humid here in Philadelphia.  And, in the back of my mind, all I can hear is my sainted mother saying, "Drink some water if you want to cool off."  I grew up in a generation where, if you wanted water, you got a glass, turned on the faucet, and drank some water.  Easy.  Done.

But today, you are easily assaulted at the grocery store with a plethora of beverages that are generally primary colored, artificially sweetened, or riddled with sugar.  What to drink is still the question.  And the answer still remains, water.  For some strange reason, though, I cannot drink it from the tap.  And even though I've purchased all sorts of filters and devices, I feel as though it is okay to indulge with bottled water. I know, I know, it isn't good for my carbon footprint, but I do recycle.  I buy clothing from the thrift shop.  And I make a lot of soup which tells you that I really recycle.  It balances out, right?

Two things that I love.  One is Italian natural spring water. Acqua Panna is my preferred favorite.  Chilled in a glass bottle, what could be better.  And not to worry, because I will fill an empty bottle with tap water, place it on ice, and use it as "back up" to the sacred Acqua Panna.

And the other thing I love, love, love? Sun tea.  I still have a stash of Paromi tea from my Whole Foods Market days, and will soon venture to loose teas (more cost effective).  I make 6-8 jars of sun tea per week.  Different flavors, so I am not bored with a half-gallon of one monotonous flavor.  And making it in jars makes it very portable.  I also think that my coolness factor goes up, because let's face it, how good does drinking tea from a recycled glass jar look?

This goes back to my Mother, who was always right.  Drink the water.  Simple as that, just drink the water.