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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Visiting Porch Farms

Funny, it doesn't like watermelon...

I've long been a  fan of Philabundance, the Philly based hunger relief organization.  They are always doing some innovative thing to draw attention to hunger, food distribution, and assisting those in need.  Today, though, rather then give a can of food, write a check, or sort at their distribution center, we went to a farm to work in a special "gleaning project."  We picked corn at the Porch Farms in Pedtricktown, NJ.  They are a 500 acre farm where you can find corn, watermelon, strawberries, blueberries, and squash (sounds like my lunch).  They are family owned.

When you pick corn, there are two things you learn.  The first ear is the best ear, and that is what you see at the grocery store.  The second ear is not quite as nice looking, but still usable and tasty.  We picked second ears today.  The corn will be distributed to families who cannot afford to buy fresh, local produce on their own.  Every two weeks, Philabundance heads to the farm to pick produce that would otherwise be ignored and wasted.

Corn. Who doesn't love it?  Here's a quick and easy corn relish/salsa that you can use to dress a salad, meet a tortilla chip, or use as a side dish.  I love cilantro, and use it to really add zest to this easy dish.

Corn Salsa

Ingredients:  Three ears of corn, one half red onion, one avocado, juice of two limes, head of cilantro, garlic powder

Take the corn and cut it off the ear.  Break apart in a bowl, add one finely minced red onion, cubed avocado pieces.  Mix together.  Finely mince the cilantro (I love cilantro, you might want a little less).  Mix well.  Add garlic powder, to flavor.  With a citrus squeezer, squeeze the heck out of two limes.  Pour over corn mixture and then mix well.  Chill for about an hour.

You can serve it over lettuce, or use as a side dish.  Better made a double recipe, because this is really good.

See you at the farm.  Oh, one thing I thought about today...I over buy food.  My new practice will be to purchase only what I need.  I do not want to throw out any food.

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