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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Sun Tea and Sofas

Saturday was my last day at "a job that I loved."  As I pulled out of the long driveway of the parking lot, I felt very rich.  I felt that way becauce, in my heart, I did a good job, made lasting friendships, and carried a sense of pride in my heart,  Eight years prior, I arrived at this job as a meat eater who appreciated junk food, and abused many other bad foods.

But on this sad Saturday, I left as a plant-strong, baby boomer vegan.  And, yes, I cried the entire way home.  The ride seemed longer than usual.

If I had a nickel for every person who asked, "What happened?"  "Why are you leaving?  It's like this...

You buy a new sofa.  You love it.  It serves you well.  Then, you notice that the cushions aren't as comfy as they used to be.  And, you say to yourself...I need a new sofa.  And so, that is why I left my job.  The cushions weren't as comfy.  Simply, it was time to go, or, get a new sofa.

The biggest switch for me, after three full days of being "off," is matching my new budget to fit into my old style of shopping.  Easy point.  I  loved Honest Tea, caffeine free-unsweetened.  Easy grab and go.  Now?  I make individual jars of sun tea in a variety of flavors.  Not rocket science, and man, do I save a bundle of moolah.

In life, timing is everything.  If you go to a party and it is awesome, leave when it is still that way.  And the same thing happens when you make sun tea...if you leave the tea bag in too long, the tea becomes bitter.

I am keeping it sweet.  Know when it is time to go.


  1. I can't see you as being a person who is "off" for very long. As they say you will have a new normal. I find it exciting for you and I love the sofa example. When I changed jobs, I knew in my heart it was time, hard to explain. So what kind of tea is the best for sun tea?
    Debbi F

  2. I love a brand called Paromi...and they have a chocolate orange that is really good.

  3. Great stuff. Simple,honest and most of all every word of it is true! {Hugs}