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Thursday, July 12, 2012

Vge Cafe in Bryn Mawr

Vge Cafe, Bryn Mawr, PA
843 Lancaster Avenue

I had gotten wind of a new vegan restaurant in Bryn Mawr, PA, but was reluctant to go because I am generally very disappointed when I hit a new vegan haunt.  So, I gave my friend Deb and call, and we decided to meet for lunch at the Vge Cafe.

Nothing fancy, but extremely clean and  very comfortable.  I knew it was going to be good, because several Engine 2 Challenge friends were there eating lunch.  They were like, "Hey, Char, look, I am eating Engine 2!!"  Nothing in this place is fried!  If you have visited other vegan eateries, they seem to use oil as the flavor enhancer.  But, Fernando Peralta, the owner, said that he wanted to add integrity to the vegan way of eating.

As I ordered my lunch, I knew that I was in the right place, because Fernando told me how much he loved  FORKS OVER KNIVES.  He said that Brian Wendel, film producer, was his hero.

Deb and I ordered the same thing, baked falafel wrap, served with a delicious cup of kale soup.  The food was awesome.  The wrap was stuffed with collards and kale, and a delicious freshly made falafel was snuggly  blanketed in a whole wheat wrap.  Food was tasty, clean tasting, not greasy, and not overly salted.  Other diners loved what they were eating...a lentil soup, a homemade veggie burger...everything looked delicious.  Serving sizes were very generous.  Although we didn't partake, there was a large variety of vegan desserts.

Deb has been vegan for about twenty years.  We were chatting with Fernando, who loves vegetables.  Once worked for Chrissy Hynde at her vegan eatery in Akron, OH.  He's been around.  His passion was evident everywhere in the restaurant...from the line chef to the guy hand shredding veggies...I loved being at Vge Cafe!

Lunch for the two of us was $19.00!  Free water from the soda fountain.  Great conversation, too.  Fernando does use Daiya Cheese in some entrees, but I steered clear of those.  Told him to check out Engine 2 for other alternatives. 

I could go on, but rather than listen to me, head there on your own.  You will not be disappointed.  Here's some info from the Bryn Mawr-Gladwynne Patch.


One suggestion:  Bring quarters for the parking meters!

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  1. Sounds good to me. Ill add it to a list of must go tos.
    Debbi F