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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Hitting the Trails for 13.1

I've done this before. I've laced up my Asics Gel-Kayanos and followed a training schedule to get myself to the starting corral of a marathon. Only this time it is 13.1 miles instead of the 26.2 for the full tamale. I haven't done an endurance event for five years...and my last event wasn't pretty. I was very overweight, walked with a limp, and lived on over-the-counter pain medications.

Then, you know, I got that brand new shiny titanium hip, and the rest is history. Now I am cross training, eating so well and beautifully, that this seems like a walk in the park. I am not sure that I move as I used to, but, I can glide with the rest, do speed intervals, and push myself. And the truth is, I am plant powered. I am whole-grain powered. I hydrate with water. I nibble on a piece of fruit instead of an energy bar. I am not persuaded by sugary power drinks. The only technical thing I really need for training is a great pair of sneakers, and my Asics do fit the bill.

I always think about my life and what its quality would be like if I had never become plant strong. This coming Friday, I will be celebrating two years of being plant-strong. This is an amazing testimonial for me...you know, you've heard me say that the longest I could ever "stay on a diet" was maybe, like, a week. And, everyday is a new adventure...planning healthy meals...cross training...lifting weights....finding peace from the sun's early rise on any given day.

In the meantime, my gym bag is packed, my new Thor-los are rolled inside my shoes, and when the sun comes up tomorrow, I will be on a trail, thinking about my journey of life and getting to my bib corral on race day in January at the Disney Half Marathon.

I am feeling really great. Power to the plants.

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  1. Way to go Char!! I remember your team in training days...you were awesome then, too! You are an inspiration to continue to grow, learn and change! xoxox