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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Achoo-Achoo, I Think I Have the Flu!

It started with a little ache, and then a little stabbing in my throat. It could mean only one thing...I was getting a cold. Immediately, that means a few things...rubbing my feet with Tiger Balm, taking Umka Care(r) my favorite herbal remedy, and hot beverages. But, I am talking achy to the marrow of my bones. I mean, this is hot water bottle, achy. Curl up under three blankets, achy. But this year, something is different.

I think Hippocrates was right when he talked about food being thy medicine. Because, at this point, I should be really sick. But, I have no runny nose, no hacking cough. No chills. Just a gentle reminder of an ache. Being plant strong is the BEST prophalactic there is...really, who needs a flu shot? Not me. I am stocking up on veggie soup, cranberry relish, fresh fruits, kale smoothies, and more. That is all that I need.
I used to LOVE coffee...but, I stopped drinking it two years ago. And, I used to LOVE hot cocoa. It just always felt so soothing as it slipped down my throat. So, to replicate the comfort of hot cocoa, here's what I came up with today,and I feel AMAZING. It seems to keep a runny nose at bey.

Try this on a cool, fall day...or anytime, as a matter of fact. Just remember, that food is thy medicine.

Hot Cocoa

Cup of almond milk
2 dates (remember to remove the pits)
2T cocoa powder

1/2 cup of chopped kale
Put everything in your VitaMix.

Process for about 4-5 minutes, or until the container is hot to touch. Yum. Yum. Hold the marshmallows, but
I still might need some tissues.

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  1. Efficient..that is what comes to mind. It is so ok to rest and regroup our bodies if our systems are exposed. Great post, I hate pumpimng myself first, with non-worthy foods, second, with anything that will mask or just treat a symptom that that really is delivering a message from my body that says," rest a little, boost the immune system".
    Feel better..