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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Kale with a "Krunch"

You know that I love kale. So versatile. And so nutrient dense. I juice it. I make it into a thick and creamy smoothie. I eat it raw in salads. I steam it--even make it into soup! I eat kale everyday!

My friend Ruth had introduced me to kale chips some time ago...and I loved them. Ruth has a fancy-smancy food dehydrator and makes all sorts of great treats. I've thought about getting an Excaliber, but my small kitchen can't take another appliance with a plug. My thoughts about making kale chips were set aside...until today.

I received an email from the brilliant Ann Crile Esselstyn who just happened to have sent a recipe for kale chips! How did she know I loved kale chips? Five minutes after reading Ann's email, I was in the kitchen. I made a batch of chips, and took them to work. Everyone loved them, and by the day's end, had given Ann's recipe to ten co-workers and one shopper.

Take note that there are many kale chips on the market, but all are not fat free...these are. You will love them...crunchy, sweet, and as Ann said, "these are addicting!" And, they are!

Thanks, Ann, for a great recipe!

Kale Chips

Head of Kale, stripped from stem and cut into bite sized pieces
Mrs. Dash. to taste
One Lemon
Nutritional Yeast (can be found at WFM in bulk or in Whole Body)

Oven is set at 275 degrees

Spread kale on an ungreased cookie sheet. Sprinkle ZEST of the lemon, then, squeeze the juice from the lemon over the kale. Sprinkle on Mrs, Dash, and then sprinkle with nutritional yeast. The yeast will look like cheese, so sprinkle it as you wish. (I am light handed with the yeast, others really go heavy-handed).

Place in oven, and "bake" for about 30 minutes. Halfway through the process, I moved the center pieces to the edge of the pan...

The finished pieces will be crispy and sweet. You will love these. Even the biggest kale skeptic won't be able to stop eating these!

A note on Nutritional Yeast...
Nutritional yeast has a strong flavor that is described as nutty, cheesy, or creamy, which makes it popular as an ingredient in cheese substitutes. It is often used by vegans in place of parmigianno cheese. Another popular use is as a topping for popcorn. It can also be used in mashed and fried potatoes, as well as putting it into scrambled tofu or eggs. Some movie theaters offer it along with salt or cayenne pepper as a popcorn condiment.

In case you forget how many blessings you have, make sure you count them, everyday!

Kale Power!

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