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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

A Better Recycler Now That I Am Plant Strong

Well, this morning on my "walk-out," (that's a cross between a workout and a walk that really makes you sweat), I was looking at the recycle bins in the neighborhood. Street by street on a three mile walk...

In my own neighborhood, bins are neatly stacked and everyone categorizes their recycling. I am amazed with how much you know about people without knowing them. Pizza boxes, beer cartons, loads of diet drinks, and occasionally, a tomato box. I doubt someone called takeout for tomatoes, but it was a pleasure to see such a decorative box.

As I move further away from my house (a mile and a half away), I notice that the recycling theme changes...more of Tony the Tiger and less almond milk. Lots of instant mashed potato boxes mixed with old bottles of Sunny Dee. My thought is that I really do think that socio-economic status really does have social impact on behaviors like recycling your trash.

But, my personal comment is this. The relationship I feel in being plant strong seems to weave a thread into my life. I table top compost in the kitchen, really take deep care in "what goes where." It is a clean feeling, I feel as though I am reducing my carbon footprint in so many ways, not only in what I eat but in how I chose to dispose of it.

Maybe you're not eating plant strong and maybe you don't recycle with a full heart. If Monday is a meatless day for you, then, make that the day that you recycle all the papers in your house. Do something to be plant strong, whether you put something in your mouth, or take it to the curb.

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