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Friday, August 6, 2010

The New Friday

Used to be that Friday night dinner required a call to the local pizza place. To be safe, I would order grilled chicken salad, with dressing on the side,etc. It would be my "show dinner." But somehow as the night wore on, I would also have some pizza and something else. Then, something else.

My family isn't totally on board with the way I eat. I cook loads of food, but they do not always partake in my beautiful vegan fare. Tonight was no exception. I made a lovely vegetable melange of summer vegetables while "they" ate Chinese food. Just the smell of it almost made me yak.

Dinner time used to be a time of unity, and now I feel as though we are at a restaurant, each eating something different. The centerpiece bowl of our table used to be a focal point for discussion. Instead, today, I am feeling that my plant strong life is creating a wedge between me and my family,but there is no going back. They are fully supportive of what I do and what I eat, but the dinner table has a different vibe.

I think it is time for a discussion. For me to outline the importance of my journey on the vegan highway. Every one in my house is thin and uber healthy. I will figure this out, but will remain plant strong to thine own self.

Time to clean up the kitchen.


  1. I was wondering if your family was eating the sameway you are. Thanks for the insight to the struggles people have changing their eating habits.

  2. My family does not. I make loads of food that is vegan and delicious. For them, though, old habits die hard, and they still turn to pizza, etc.

    They support and applaud what I do and I do this for MYSELF.