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Friday, August 10, 2012

The Low Down on LoMein

Delicious Whole Wheat LoMein

So, I really like Chinese food.  But, nowadays, if I do eat Chinese out, it is limited to a bowl of steamed vegetables and brown rice.  Most Chinese restaurants seem to use lots of oil, not just for frying, but as an additive to any dish.

I've got a really easy solution for you that will make you think, "Why didn't I think of that?" because this is so good.  If I was Carla on "The Chew," I'd say "slap your mama good."

These are the ingredients that you will need:

Roland's Whole Wheat LoMein Noodles (available at conventional store, international section)
Low Sodium Tamari
PB2 Peanut Butter Powder (available at Whole Foods Market)
Garlic Powder
Frozen Broccoli
One Cup of Grated Carrots

Are you ready for the easiest thing in the world to make?

1.  Boil water.  Add one "bunch" of LoMein, and at the same time, add about two cups of frozen broccoli.  Let them cook together  until the LoMein are done.

2.  Drain well.  Add Tamari to taste, along with the garlic powder.  Add two tablespoons of the peanut butter powder,  Mix well.

3.  Put on a serving dish, garnish with grated carrots.  Good to go.  Serves three.

Bonus Info...

-No added fat.

-The Peanut Butter Powder has 85% less fat than if you were to use peanut butter.

-Is creamy and delicious.

Even if your family scowls at being a low-fat vegan, this will tickle their palates.

It's a reasonably priced dish to make, is perfect for leftovers (if you have any).  You can also use any kind of vegetable...artichoke hearts are great.  But, I am in love with broccoli, so what can I say?

This also takes about five minutes to make, so even if you are rushed for time, there is no reason to call the Lucky Panda for steamed veggies.

Enjoy your weekend.

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  1. I just found the PB2 powder at Giant -looking forward to trying this dish out!