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Friday, February 11, 2011

Say it Ain't So, Joe

I haven't been here for a few weeks. That's because I have been busy talking to myself. My lips do not move, but in my head, a reel plays vivid conversations that I could be having with any one person. Why, just this week, I was speaking to Michelle Obama. I was telling her about my disappointment regarding her food selections for the Super Bowl party she recently hosted at the White House.

Really, was it necessary for her to have pizza and wings at the party? She has great chefs at the White House...no one could make collard wraps? Raise the Roof Lasagna (Engine 2 lovers...let's face it, it is a great dish and I am sure some senator would have loved it!)? Really, Michelle?

You also know that I love to watch people. If I was stranded on an island, I would be okay, as long as I could watch people. People make me laugh and sometimes, out loud. Today, and for some odd reason, I was paying detailed attention to peoples' coffee habits. And, I was talking to myself, and wondered why it would be necessary to have a 30 ounce up of Joe, filled with cream and sugar. Iced, too. And through a straw. I then began to think about how much I really miss coffee. It has been three years since I have had "a double tall skinny latte with extra foam."

I surrendered coffee the day after a major operation. Either the coffee at the hospital was so bad, OR the meds I was on altered my taste buds. Whatever the reason, I made a cognitive decision to give up coffee. And I haven't looked back.

But, I do miss buying coffee (the scooping part), grinding it, and making it. I miss that morning ritual. I miss that social thing (Wanna grab a cup of coffee?). I miss the "cool" factor that comes with drinking the best coffee. And I miss using the nice mugs that say things like BEST MOM, GREAT TEACHER, WHO ME?

But, I still get to use the mugs, but now, I drink something much healthier. I drink "grain beverages." Doesn't sound too romantic, does it? But, I brew the stuff through my coffee maker and I pretend that it is coffee. It smells like the real deal, even has fiber in it. Figs? Chicory? Licorice Roots? I love it. Piping hot. And covered with "foam" from almond milk. I can still make the drink very social, and embrace the mug with my two clasped hands, just like I did when I would drink coffee.

And in my head, I am sitting with Michele Obama, sipping and talking about community gardens, childhood obesity, Oprah and the Engine 2 Diet.

Here are some brands to check out for cereal grain beverages:

Teccino: pleasantly good, and best brewed. Several flavors

Caffix: This has been around for quite sometime. I love that it comes in class jars. Originally from Germany, it is now made by Kellogg's! You make it like instant coffee.

Roma: This is my favorite. Simply because it is called "Roma." Again, like instant coffee.

Stay away from the coffee-that caffeine is a killer. And, keep it real everyday!

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  1. Ahh, caffiene. It's on my kick out list, right behind sugar. Sugar first, though. :)