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Monday, September 27, 2010

Back at the Ranch

I am back at the Ranch, that's my nickname for the Crossings, in Austin, Texas, where I am a "guest" at the second Engine 2 Immersion for Whole Foods Market. You know, my employer?

I have posted these two pictures because I needed to see, for myself, the progress I am making as a plant-strong and tenacious "60 Year Old Vegan."

A few years ago when I thought that Weight Watcher's could save my soul from the perils of overeating, I was dutiful and diligent about the process...in the beginning. One night, I thought I had lost my wallet. And my panic wasn't over credit cards, driver's license, etc. It was over the fact that my Weight Watcher's card was in there and if anyone found the card, I would die of humiliation from people knowing my weight.

So, last night at the opening of the Immersion, I had to give a brief intro about myself in 90 seconds. And I am not sure how this even happened...but, I told the very quick story of my pre-op experience and learning that I weighed 297 pounds. I just blurted it out. A room of 100 people knew that I weighed almost 300 pounds. Aside from never giving up, I told them that they needed to have deep courage and believe in themselves and the fact that they could be plant strong. And, I did not cry.

Take a look at these two pictures...and if you think that being plant-strong is impossible, I will challenge you to think other.

The food is wonderful. I like, no I love, being pampered with plant strong food. When I get home, I am sitting down with the family. I am going to come down firm with them and tell them that they have no other choice but to eat plant strong. I am thinking of gentle ways to convey this.

Plant Strong-and Tenacious. That is me.

All you need is love.

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  1. Those are two different women! For real. It looks like you and a much older sister. So, so glad you are there!