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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Peacefoods Cafe

The Megabus is my new best friend. I love getting an early bus bound for Manhattan. So much to do and see. But lately, I am on a quest to find great vegan restaurants. Eating out is always fun, but eating at a vegan restaurant allows a certain freedom. No need to filter out the menu of the "can haves and can't." Generally, there are just two questions to ask: Can you make this without oil? Can you please omit the salt? Once that is cleared, it is smooth menu sailing.

The Peacefoods Cafe is located on Amsterdam Avenue on the Upper West Side. Charming and adorable, it sits nestled on the corner of W. 82nd Street. It is simply stated, clean, adorable and did I mention the wonderful aromas? You seat yourself. You're greeted by your food server who doesn't tell you her name, but has the courtesy to ask, "How are you today?" I was too embarassed to tell her that I had tripped on 6th Avenue and fell to the asphalt, but I was so happy to be at Peacefoods.

Thanks to Vegan Steven, my iPhone application, The Peacefoods Cafe popped up. That's how I found the place. I kept hearing the Cat Stevens song in my head, "Peace Train," but I interchanged the words.

Menu: Trifold, nice paper. Easy to read. Everything laid out nicely.

Comfort: Nice comfy chairs. Very clean restaurant. Lighting nice, windows let in lots of fresh sunlight.

Service: Great. Not in your face food servers, all very sweet and sincere. Fast turnover from each course.

Food: Fresh. Local. Delicious. Not overly seasoned. I requested mine without oils and salt. My salad of fresh veggies and quinoa was so good. I had a tamale stuffed with cilantro and fresh veggies. Very yummy. No gooey cheeses to get in your way. For dessert my friend and I shared a mango tart, which was made from dry mangoes into a puree. The portions were nicely sized. No gimmicks here, just great food.

On my vegan scale of tomatoes, I would give this four (4) tomatoes.

460 Amsterdam Ave
(between 82nd St & 83rd St)
New York, NY 10024
Neighborhood: Upper West Side
(212) 362-2266

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