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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Be Plant Strong to Thine Ownself

I figured it out. There's a part of me that is hearing my mother's voice...saying something like, "Mind your own business." Or, don't be part of the crowd...if everyone else jumped off the Brooklyn Bridge...would you? (I have often wondered, like if you live in, say, San Francisco, do mothers make reference to the Golden Gate or Oakland-Bay Bridges, like mine did for the Brooklyn Bridge?).

So, it's about seeing others not follow their self-prescribed vegan path, then deviate to animal based food. It has NADA, ZIP, ZERO to do with me, and I only need to focus on my own food choices, food journal entries, etc. What a relief for me. Nothing to worry about, only myself.

And, the next part of this? Well, this is B-I-G. I was chatting with someone and listening to their food choices. I realized that whatever they can handle is their business and not mine. I can't handle all foods, some show no moderation for me. So, I steer clear. If Jane or Susie can eat corn chips with salsa, brava for them. I can't do it. Just can't.

If I have offended anyone with my strong pant-based opinions, I extend an apology. Sometimes, passion wears a disguise.

I'm going to finish my kale smoothie (my dessert), grab a shower. Then, head to bed.

Does this entry all make sense?

Love all. Count your blessings.


  1. The clear and healthy decisions you are making for your body are also benefiting your head. As we said earlier...it is a gentler and more concious walk all around. Yup...you make sense.

  2. ABSOLUTELY makes sense!! Some people never realize that the only thing that is their business is themselves! I know its taken me years and I still sometimes forget. Thanks for sharing your very clear thoughts.

  3. This has been huge for me...it has translated into other areas of my life. Creates a new calm, if you will. Teresa, thanks for your kind and clear words.